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Best DevOps Solutions for your Business in Sydney

As an established DevOps services provider, Digisurf will keep your business, development, and operations teams on the same page regarding the best method to enhance corporate apps, increase IT security, and maximize infrastructure resources. Our DevOps services are designed to give you complete control over the software development and delivery process, as well as automate key workflow steps. As a result, the DevOps team will guarantee that each software build is subjected to code review and automated testing before being uploaded to the cloud and deployed to production

Our Tech-Stack

Github and BitBucket

GitHub has been one of the most popular DevOps platforms for simple collaboration. Developers can use this tool to make rapid code iterations, with notifications communicated to other team members in real-time. Because of the branched history of modifications that are saved contiguously within the tool, immediate rollbacks to the previous version can be done in seconds in the event of an error or fallout.

BitBucket, like GitHub, is a solution for managing project code throughout the software development cycle. While GitHub remains the most popular repository, BitBucket is gaining popularity due to its lower cost and the ability to create a private repository (a feature only available in the paid variant of GitHub). While BitBucket's fundamental functionality is similar to GitHub's, features like easy interaction with Jira and Trello, inbuilt CI/CD functionality, and inbuilt QA/CD functionality offer this Atlassian product an edge.

DevOps Cloud Technologies - AWS

DevOps Tooling by AWS

AWS facilitates the adoption of automation tools, allowing for more rapid and effective development. You can automate deployments, development and testing workflows, container management, and configuration management using AWS services. You may manage a single instance or grow to thousands using AWS services. By making provisioning, setup, and scaling easier, these services allow you to make the most of your flexible computing resources. Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to define user rights and policies. This allows you to strictly regulate who may use what parts of your system and how they can do so.

With an AWS account, you can immediately begin using any of the available services. There is zero preparation and zero software installation needed.






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With the Right DevOps Solution, Great Things Can Happen

You name the problem, and we will deliver the ideal solution for your business. Start with AWS CodePipeline to develop a continuous integration or continuous delivery pipeline that leverages AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and other tools, or use each service independently. CodePipeline is a service that ensures applications and infrastructures are updated quickly and reliably by integrating and delivering changes in a continuous loop. It's an end-to-end managed build service that takes care of everything from coding to testing to delivering a finished software product. It automates code deployments to any instance, including Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers. Our team of developers has expertise in trending DevOps technologies that can support and upgrade your current infrastructure smoothly. We will provide a 45-minute consultation to understand your business requirements before proposing the framework.

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